CLPL Meeting Room

Room B


Read the Meeting Room Policy to find out if the library's meeting room is appropriate for your group or occasion.  You will need to fill out a Meeting Room Application and pay the $25 damage deposit before your event can be added to the meeting room calendar.

The meeting rooms of the library can be one large 40 x 30 foot room or divided into two smaller  20 x 30 foot rooms.  One or both rooms may be reserved depending on what's available on the calendar.  

The meeting rooms are downstairs to the left.  Two doors indicate Meeting Room A or Meeting Room B.  The library has ten banquet tables and 50 chairs available.  There is a kitchenette without a stove or oven.  Also available is a coffee maker, projection screen, and TV/DVD, and wireless Internet which need to be requested on your meeting room application.  Please allow for extra time on your application for set-up and take-down.

You are responsible for moving and setting up additional tables and chairs before your event.  You are also responsible for returning the meeting room to the original arrangement of tables and chairs when your event is over.

Please wipe off the tables and chairs and sweep the floor.  A broom and dustpan are provided in the kitchenette.  Garbage needs to be collected, but not taken out.