Celebrating Clear Lake Public Library's Quasquicentennial in 2014 

- 125 Years -

Fourth Street Book Club



     Our community will be observing the Quasquicentennial of the establishment of a public library for Clear Lake during 2014. We will be celebrating with special events and programs throughout the year.  All are invited to participate!


     Individuals, families, clubs/organizations and groups of friends can celebrate the Quasquicentenial by joining the Fourth Street Book Club.  Clear Lake’s Fourth Street was the location of an early library and is also the library’s current site.  The goal for participants is to read and/or listen to 125 books between January 1 and December 15, 2014.  Participants reaching this goal will be honored at a special reception and receive a certificate of recognition.  Families, clubs/organizations and friends may form reading teams to read/listen to 125 books in total with each individual team member selecting their own reading material.  Visit the library or contact 357-6133 or click here to register as an individual or team.  Reading logs are available at the library or click here for an online reading log.